Word of Mouth is Not Enough

Word of Mouth_Header

A website is the gateway to your business. For many consumers it is their first impression, and we all know what is said about first impressions.

In the past, a broker’s business was built on 3 things:

1. Word of mouth
2. Visibility of location
3. Reputation within the community

1 and 3 take quite a bit of time to take hold and visibility of location can be extremely expensive. Most pawn brokers had to rely on 1 and 3 only, as getting in a real estate battle with the likes of Mcdonalds, CVS, etc. often proved very costly. And then you had to worry about the zoning commission and the city.

A modern Website will open up your world. Even if you can’t afford the “corner lot” at the intersection, your potential clients will be able to find you with a simple Google search that should take them to your site. Do not overlook presentation! Spend a few extra dollars and have someone help you set up a site that is not only pleasing to the eye, but offers a shopping cart and is mobile friendly. 75% OF consumers make a judgement on your credibility by looking at your website. Let your customer’s first impression make them want to come visit you immediately. There are many other options for them if they log off your site and have been less than impressed. Don’t take that chance.

Just a few tips for a successful site:

1. Keep in simple and consistent
2. Do not overuse colors – less is more in most cases
3. Allow for easy navigation throughout the site
4. Give people a reason to come back to the site – weekly specials, constantly changing inventory, etc.

Simply put…a website cannot guarantee the future success of your business, but not having one or having a bad one, will certainly put you behind those that do.