PawnMaster Classic, our windows-based platform is available for shops that may not need a cloud-based solution. Our on-premise software is installed locally on your computer. PawnMaster Classic gives you complete control of your data and is fully scalable. Add-on modules can enhance your capabilities as your business grows.

PawnMaster Classic is used by more pawn shops than any other pawn software. Manage inventory and day-to-day transactions efficiently. Drive profits with reporting insights and marketing tools. Known for our excellent customer service and support, PawnMaster has been helping businesses for the past 30 years.



PawnMaster Ignite, our cloud-based platform, is quick and easy to implement and update. Your data is stored securely in multiple locations and is backed up to protect you in case of an outage. PawnMaster Ignite boasts some enhanced features and functionality and is a great solution for multi-store businesses.

Reporting Anytime, Anywhere
Now accessing reports is easier than ever. You’ll have access to all your store data anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. Our new management dashboard gives you real-time store statistics so you have up-to-the-minute information.

PawnMaster Classic Includes...

Pawn, Buy, Sell

PawnMaster manages, stores and reports on all the transactions necessary to run your shop. Day-to-day operations are made quick and easy, making your customers AND employees happy. You’ll be able to accept all tender types and partial payments.


Capture layaway transaction details by brand, model, and serial number. Maintain payment history and generate receipts or optional payment statements. Automatically send reminders and late notices.

Price Guide

Analyze costs and sales of items pawned, bought, or added to inventory based on historical sales information so you know what that item is worth.


Quickly record repair transaction details including fees and product descriptions. Track repairs that have been sent out and automatically send reminders when they are due back.


PawnMaster helps with reporting transaction information to law enforcement agencies such as Business Watch International (BWI), LEADS online, ATF, Pawn Tracker and numerous independent systems. We also offer tools to keep you in compliance with MLA and OFAC.

Business Intelligence

PawnMaster has over 200 individual reports to give Pawnbrokers information about their business to make smart business decisions. A few of the report categories include Accounting, Cash Drawers, Inventory, Pawns, and more.

Split or Combine Items

Splitting Items – Efficiently split up jewelry pieces such as a necklace with stones so they can be sold separately or combine multiple items to sell as a package. Combining items – Move items into bulk locations when selling for a fixed price. Video games, loose tools and Blu-Rays, are examples of items you may want to combine.

Marketing Tools

SMS Texting, Protection Plan, Customer Loyalty Program, Mass Inventory Update, Customer Demographic Reports, Marketing Summary Report, Aged Inventory Report, e-foro e-commerce Integration are just a few of the features to help pawnbrokers market their shop and drive more profits.  

Multi-Store Management

PawnMaster allows for multiple stores to post to a central database where customer and inventory item information is shared between stores. One single report allows the pawn shop owner to get a snapshot of all store numbers for the day.  

Constant Innovation Since 1988

With PawnMaster, you’re getting the most robust pawn shop management system on the market. Our in-house development teams are constantly working on new features and functionality to keep your shop relevant in an ever-changing world. agile software development makes new releases quick and easy. With constant feedback from our customers, we are able to bring ideas to fruition in no time – then make them available to you so you have the latest technology to run your shop at all times.

Speedy Transactions & Updates

PawnMaster is the fastest pawn shop software on the market. It was designed with the flow of the transaction at the counter in mind and it shows. Process your customers in 90 seconds or less with our easy-to-use interface. Tools such as barcode and ID scanning increase speed and accuracy at the counter. Software updates are quick and easy too.