With your PawnMaster pawn shop software, you’re getting 30 years of constant feature innovation by the largest in-house development team in the business. Constantly working to bring you new features and functionality. Standard software updates are always included with your subscription, so you’ll have access to the latest and greatest technology. 


Unlimited support is also included – and your questions will be answered by the largest, most experienced support team the industry has to offer.


So go on. Take a look. And let us know which features you need most so we can show you how PawnMaster can help you make more money today!

PawnMaster gives you two different ways to login—User ID and Biometrics. With optional Time Clock tracking, you choose what’s right for you depending on your security level. Reports allow you to track transactions and work hours on a per-employee basis.

Cash Drawers

PawnMaster was designed with flexibility in mind, so you’re able to set up your cash drawers to fit your operation. Individual, shared, and main cash drawer options are customizable to fit any business.

Customer Management

Access in-depth customer information that allows you to quickly track redemption and purchase history for every customer. Gather customer demographics to build a targeted marketing database and track how customers hear about your shop.


Use PawnMaster to accept cash, credit, debit, and store credit methods for purchases and payments. PawnMaster give you the ability to split tender between two payment types, and accept several loan payments during the same transaction.

Pawn / Buy

PawnMaster’s speed of transaction is unmatched in the industry. With optional hardware add-ons, you’ll be able to complete a pawn in under 90 seconds, and a returning pawn in half that time.


PawnMaster comes pre-loaded with 200 reports that have been designed for you to get a handle on every area of your business, from inventory management to employee performance. Custom reports are available for those who want to dig in even deeper.


You can configure PawnMaster to designate individual access levels for each employee, ensuring that your shop is covered no matter who is behind the counter. PawnMaster is also uniquely designed with internal anti-theft deterrents.

Price Guide

Quickly look up how well items have sold in your shop. The Price Guide breaks down cost averages for items, showing how many you currently have in inventory, how many days these items stay in inventory, and the average sale amount for each item.

Wanted Items

Let your customers know when an item they’ve been looking for comes into your shop. Pair this feature with our text messaging module and automate alerts.

System Set Up

We work with you to customize your store set-up to help ensure that your shop is in compliance with your state, based upon the information you provide us prior to implementation. We’ll program security measures based upon your business needs, and we even prepare and test all of your hardware before shipping it to you, so that you can start processing loans as soon as you’re open for business!

Inventory / Forfeits

PawnMaster includes a robust inventory management system. Easily view all forfeited items in your shop in an itemized list. Choose custom date ranges, pull items by type,and seamlessly move items from pawn to inventory status.

MLA Compliance

A direct link to the DMDC portal is located on PawnMaster’s customer profile screen. Easily mark a customer as an active military member and PawnMaster will automatically apply the correct rate to their loan.


Make sales, place items in layaway, and schedule repairs with the click of a button. You can easily add discounts for returning customers, or split sales commission between employees without leaving the sale screen.

ATF Compliance

PawnMaster has all the controls necessary to help keep your shop in compliance with ATF requirements — automatically generate a 4473 transaction number at the time of a sale, maintain your digital gun log, and perform backups, gun counts, and ATF compliant reports, all through the PawnMaster system.

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