Why you should consider e-foro after eBay has retired Turbo Lister


As of June 2017, eBay’s Turbo Lister will no longer be available for use. This is now the second listing tool of eBay’s that they have decided to discontinue. Turbo Lister users will have to find another tool to list their inventory items online. PawnMaster has an integrated tool called e-foro that can be used in place of Turbo Lister.

As always, we want you to explore all your options before making a decision that will impact your business. This article will lists three reasons e-foro can be your all-in-one product as a replacement for Turbo Lister.

Reason #1: You get the best of both worlds

There are advantages to online tools and there are also advantages to desktop applications. Turbo Lister is a desktop application. E-foro is accessed through PawnMaster (making it part of your desktop application) yet it is web-based.

As an e-foro user you will not have limited access to your information, you own it. If you want to copy a listing you created in the past, you have access to it. All your data and reports are exportable into excel spread sheets so there is no need for fancy tools to obtain your own data.

The information and/or pictures placed in PawnMaster for each item is automatically transferred to Eforo making listing a breeze when you choose to transfer it.

Inventory Tracking

This is a feature no other lister can offer you! Since your inventory is sent out through your PawnMaster Software, you can now track every item. If you’re listing to multiple platforms, you won’t have to worry about selling items multiple times by mistake because you didn’t take it off the shelf before placing it online for sale. PawnMaster sends a prompt to avoid this from happening in real time.

If any item up for sale online is sold in store, e-foro will take down your eBay or Gunbroker listing automatically.

Reason #2: Your business will have more future potential

We have integrated with eBay, Gunbroker and Craigslist.  We provide you with an opportunity to sell every item on multiple channels. That’s triple the exposure for each and every item in your shop.

Room to grow your business both online and in store

Turbo Lister was designed to help you list items to sell on eBay. E-foro is not an eBay tool, it offers you more than just one channel to list online.  If your only listing on eBay think about how many things in your shop you could sell by advertising locally in Craigslist. What would that do for foot traffic into your shop? 

e-foro is supported, stable and innovative

We are also looking at a roadmap to include Facebook as another selling platforms in 2017. After that, we will continue to support additional sites and webstores based on our customer feedback.

Reason #3: We work one-on-one with every customer

When you sign up for e-foro, a Data Age PawnMaster Trainer will work one-on-one with you to get you set up and properly trained on the e-foro platform. Our trainers have worked with hundreds of shops, so they can share ideas on what others are doing to be successful with online sales. What better time to get started than now, with the holidays right around the corner?

Your opinion matters

Our livelihood is built upon providing our sellers with a faster, more accurate, better way of doing business. We aren’t providing an online platform on a whim. For thirty years we have built our software, features and functionality based on our customer’s feedback you have made us #1 in the industry and we continue to strive.  We don’t want to compete with eCommerce or be the next eCommerce site, but we know your business relies on eCommerce as a selling channel. It is our job to make sure we are providing the tools to make you successful in a competitive market. 

 More Features, More Functionality

  • 2 Item research tools
  • Built in picture editor
  • Customizable item entry window
  • Free scheduled listings
  • Inventory management
  • Batch relisting and rescheduling
  • Custom fields
  • Order processing and management
  • Print packing lists
  • Process over the counter orders
  • Print inventory and listing labels
  • Record multiple past purchases for accurate shipping profit and loss calculations
  • Print barcodes
  • Create employee permissions
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Add non inventory items
  • Ship with eBay integrated
  • PayPal & eBay fees calculated and tracked
  • Market Performance and intelligence charts (see below)
  • And much more