Why You Need to Train Your Employees

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Few things are as frustrating as dealing with an untrained, or “under” trained employee in you business.

We all are customers in our daily lives, and as a customer, we can see first-hand how a well-trained employee can affect any business interaction.

As a longtime multi-unit manager and former business owner, I understood the need for continual training from a very basic place. Training made me money! Now don’t get me wrong, I cared for the people who worked with me and I always wanted them to excel, but the reality is that the cost of a poorly trained or untrained person is in-calculable, and often times you can lose big.

How to test gold? Didn’t train? How much money will you lose in fake and undercarated transactions?

How to test merchandise? Didn’t train? How much will you lose to broken merchandise?

How to handle and treat customers? Didn’t train? How much will you lose in lost customer revenue?

How long are you willing to accept mistakes from your own employees due to lack of knowledge and training?

How much money are you willing to lose?

The truth is that training flows to every conceivable area of your business, and a failure to properly prepare your staff will ultimately cost you right down to the employee turnover level.

Training doesn’t have to take a day, and it doesn’t always need to be structured. It just needs to happen all day, every day. When you see an opportunity to train, take a few moments and train for the behavior that you want, and do it on purpose. Your employees, your customers, and most importantly, your business will thank you.