Why You Need Text Messaging in 2021

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Always be prepared! Any young boy in the scouts could tell you this, and yet as we grow up we replace preparedness with just taking life’s punches as they come.

If there is one thing I’ve learned this past year, it is the importance of this preparedness- especially in an emergency. In March of 2020, the world was devastated by a new disease – COVID-19. I juggled an influx of calls from Pawn and Buy/Sell shop owners across the world, “I need to tell my customers we are open!”, “I need to tell my customers we are closed but their items are secure!”, “I need to tell my customers they are safe to do business with us!” 

The easiest, most efficient, and arguably the BEST way to communicate those things, is via Text Message. Using text messaging to communicate from business to customer is quite simple, but it does require an Opt-In process. Receiving a customer’s consent is crucial to remaining compliant with federal guidelines, to continue text communications in the future. 

Now here’s where the preparedness comes in: opt-ins take time. Each customer must consent personally, to receive these text communications. This is why it is vital to start NOW. Many shop owners scrambled early this year due to a lack of text subscribers, grasping for ways to quickly keep their customers informed of their shop status. Thinking maybe you’ll send a text blast next year for Christmas? Don’t wait till November- start NOW. Maybe you’ll have a flash sale early next year as things open up in your area- make sure you have customers opted in BEFORE that happens. 

None of us are sure what life has for us around the corner in 2021. Oscar Wilde said, “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.”, or maybe more recognizably heard as “Always Expect the Unexpected”. Get started with text messaging today, be prepared for whatever curveballs might come our way in 2021, and keep in communication with your customers all year round. 

If you have questions about text messaging or want to sign up, call me, Rachel, your Data Age Text Messaging Specialist at 888-949-7296 x1132 TODAY!!