Why Text Messaging?


Text messaging – We all do it, multiple times a day, every day. There’s a reason text messaging is the number one form of mobile communication in the world. It’s fast, it’s easy, everyone does it. In fact, over 26 billion texts are sent each day in America alone. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.




Texts have a 99% open rate
Skip the letter, send a text. A text message can’t get lost in a stack of mail or sent to a Spam folder. With 99% of your payment reminder texts getting read, what does that mean for the overall redemption rate in your shop? Some of our users have seen on-time payments increase up to 40% after implementing text in their business.

On average, text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received
There’s a built-in sense of urgency with text messaging. We all know the gnawing feeling of leaving a text unread, whether we want to see it or not. Using text to send payments reminders and to promote sales and offers is an automatic “in” to your customer base.

90% of consumers would prefer text communication over a phone call
Sending a text can have the same, if not more, impact than a phone call. There are no notes to make, nothing to forget, it’s there in your phone. Not to mention, sending a text is 10 times faster than making a phone call.

Only 48% of businesses are text capable
You could be part of the 48% of overall US businesses using text to drive revenue and foot traffic into your shop. But where do you start?


When it comes to using text to connect with your customers, PawnMaster has you covered. With our integrated text messaging add-on, you can send messages directly from your system. There’s no extra software, no widget, simply choose the recipient, enter your message, and send! You can automate reminders to be sent before due dates, enabling your customers time to come in and make a payment. With our TxTPay upgrade, you can attach a secure payment link along with your reminder, allowing your customers to pay online and skip the trip!

Don’t think you have the time to text your client base? Our TxTValet service produces, schedules, and delivers YOUR message to your customers whenever you want. Choose a program that works for you, or create your own. Take the guess work out of text message marketing and bring more customers to your shop with this affordable marketing service.

With a full suite of messaging modules available, now is the time to start connecting with your clients through the power of text. Visit pawnmaster.com/mobile for more information.