Why Should they Buy from Me?


The article linked below is a good article on a number of fronts.  First off, “why” should the prospect buy from you is a good starting point for success.  From my point of view, here is the “why” we live and breathe here at Data Age.


1-      Our sales team is committed to helping our clients at every stage of the game. This practice is one not many reps and companies really subscribe to. 

  1. We employ great listening skills
  2. Our follow up practice is impeccable
  3. Transparency at every phase and in every business department we have
  4. Genuine care for the clients’ success

2-      Our company will do all we can to help put a customer in the best possible position for success.

  1. We will not engage and work with a client for our own personal gains. We will get them into the right product and plan for their success.
  2. Our business plan suggests we are not in the business prevention business.  We will work with every client to ensure the economics of their investment works for them.

3-      We are the number one supplier of software to this industry.

  1. Our software has been built, used and enhanced by the input of thousands of Pawn Brokers.
  2. We are a highly referenced company.
  3. Our Technical Support team will be there too assist our clients every step of the way.
  4. We have experienced trainers and programs to help even the most advanced user.