Why Didn’t She Buy that Diamond Ring?




 I was selling diamonds on the road, went into a gorgeous store, and asked the owner his secret to success.
Edgy, unique way to CLOSE A SALE
 He said this, “When I’m showing a guy an engagement ring, and he seems interested I say, “Do you have anything you can bring in as a down payment on this ring? An old X-box or guitar you don’t play maybe, or a dirt bike?” The guys faces light up, I DO have an old guitar! The guys run home and the sale is DONE, CLOSED, WON. The jeweler provided the FEELING of value. He made the customer FEEL good and responsible about the purchase and so he got the sale.

 Why did that woman leave without buying the necklace
How to create a super experience 

You deserve a BIG

Cute Video for you to Share with Customers
Cute Video for you to Share with Customers

Funny Proposal video
Funny Proposal video

Why Didn’t She Buy 
That Ring?
So why did that woman, who really 
liked that necklace, walk out without 
buying it? Because she HAS a necklace!
 Yes. She likes yours better, but she 
FEELS it would be irresponsible
 to buy another necklace since she
 already has a one.  

“Well, what is wrong with having 

lots of necklaces?!” 

In the down economy many people

 came to realize they can be happy 

with less stuff.   

 Why Don’t You Buy 

a New TV?  

 Well, because you have a TV. You feel it would be extravagant or irresponsible to buy a new one when you already have one. But what if you could trade your old TV in for a new one? Then you would FEEL GOOD about getting a better TV. 


The car industry figured this out.
Car companies offer great incentives for trade-ins. Consignment clothes stores are thriving. People feel it’s o.k. to buy new clothes if they get rid of old ones.

The goal in sales is to get the customer to FEEL GOOD about what they are buying!


If you can help that customer trade in an old necklace, she might be more likely to upgrade to your new one.



But Aleah, I Already Trade In Gold?
gold 3

Asking for gold does not create the same FEELING. It risks sounding like you’re wanting gold and less about them feeling good. Make sure you convey you are helping them up grade to a better piece of jewelry. Try a promotion where you give $50 off a new watch when you bring in your old watch. When a shopper is looking at a necklace, ask them if they have other necklaces to bring in for trade. You could even offer to consign them for them in your case. Make then feel green, make them feel responsible, make them feel good and you will close more sales!