Why Cloud? Why Now?


Over the years, Data Age, with its PawnMaster product, has accepted and embraced the mantle of leadership in this industry when it comes to technology. As the number one software provider and most widely used software in the industry, it has and will always be our responsibility to keep the industry informed and educated to any technology shift or trends. With nearly 3,000 active clients, we have built a very stable, accurate, and highly effective software, which is extremely easy to use. Having tens of thousands of end-users in front of our software every day, we have been able to take ideas and suggestions and included them in new software builds. In addition to having world-class customer support, we have the absolute best software development team in this space, which can allow us to make enhancements very rapidly.

We examine, test, verify and vet new technology trends, features and ideas every year. Some of these ideas we embrace, some we dispense, and some we wait. Why wait? There is only one reason – the betterment of our clients and our commitment to placing them in the best possible position for success. We never dish out “buzz words” to impress anyone. We market to educate not impress. We deliver solid technology and explain it in great detail in concert with great transparency.

For several years now, our clients globally, have made inquiries about the “cloud”. We could have easily stood up a cloud-based product. Or we could have put out a co-location, hosted or VPN product and said it was “the cloud”, but we know this is why so many of our clients who converted to PawnMaster left their software providers. Some of the other issues sparking the move from these providers were the hidden fees, high support costs, lack of support and non-existent customization capabilities.

This is Why PawnMaster Ignite is Worth the Wait

  1. Most of the people who speak about the cloud really have a limited understanding of it.  Frankly, the buzzword is all over the place but most don’t have a rich understanding of the real meaning behind cloud technology. We decided to examine real cloud technology to ensure security, speed, stability and scalability for our customers.
  2. The cost of the cloud has been fluctuating, and as a company who has many accolades on their products and world-class services, we knew several years ago the time wasn’t right to introduce this technology for our clients.
  3. Security is of paramount importance. Data ownership and data access are highly contested subjects in the security space. For the Pawn Broker, these topics are the Holy Grail because your data is your life. PawnMaster is backed by Amazon Web Services so security and speed will never be an issue for our clients.
  4. The demand for a cloud-based platform was minimal in this market. The dependency with a solid and stable internet provider is still a major issue for many brokers, so the demand for this type of platform seems to be localized to specific businesses.

As Data Age expands our market share, we have decided the conditions were right currently to expand our solution offerings and develop a true cloud-based solution

PawnMaster Ignite, our cloud-based solution, has been built by thousands of pawnbrokers’ input over decades of software use and is backed and powered by Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Data Age only delivers the best to their clients and Amazon is the number one cloud platform on the planet. Having clusters of data centers throughout the world, they provide a true definition of a cloud offering.

A hosting facility with one data center is just a single data center, and potentially a single point of failure. Placing computer hardware into a co-location facility is also just a single data center and still requires qualified monitoring and hands-on maintenance of the specific hardware that has been placed in their racks. The risk of internet and power failures, hardware performance, and overall economics of these types of solutions is why a true cloud offering always comes out ahead of single data centers.

With Amazon standing behind us, any type of system outage would be resolved in minutes, and not hours or days as it would in a co-location or hosted facility, due to redundancy and high availability of the server infrastructure that we have put in place. As we roll out our solution, software updates will be simpler and faster to deploy, since they’ll be in the cloud. And most importantly, automatic backups will be made to ensure your data is secure.

Data Age is excited to offer the world’s first software and technology solution that is truly cloud-based for the pawn industry to all of you – our valued customers.