Who is Securing Your Data?


When it comes to your business, the data you store and use for reporting is a key element to your success. Unfortunately, this data can also make you a target. Storing usernames and passwords, credit card information, etc., needs to be done with the greatest levels of security and know-how.  Names like “Amazon” and “eBay” instill confidence because they spare no expense to provide the best talent and technology money can buy. For decades they have been an everyday part of your personal and business needs with billions of dollars invested to make sure that your data is not compromised. 

If you are storing your data on personal computers or servers stored at an outside hosting facility, do you know who is securing your data?  In the retail world, this is important not only for you, but also to protect your customers. If you set up an account and add your personal information, do you feel safe not knowing the level of expertise that you are getting to lock down this information? Some companies have learned the hard way through outages and failures, and are now migrating over to True Cloud platforms like Amazon to help mitigate the risk of security breaches and hacking efforts.

Imagine for a moment that you have your server hosted in a hosting facility. That server houses the data for thousands of businesses. Someone in the facility unplugs the wrong plug and it happens to be to YOUR server – your customers’ information. ALL of their businesses go down. That is quite a burden to bear. This scenario can actually happen in co-location or hosted environments. THAT is one of the many beauties of true cloud.

PawnMaster Ignite is built with Amazon and our e-commerce platform, E-foro integrates with PawnMaster to seamlessly send inventory out to eBay – one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms. We trust the worlds most recognized sites to provide the levels of security that make our customers sleep well at night.  Why accept anything less?