What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Willes Simbert


My favorite add-on is General Ledger(GL), what better way to stabilize your business. GL gives the ability to export all PawnMaster transaction to QuickBooks(QB), why would our customers not love it. GL also make it easier once exported to assess your accounts. I would strongly suggest this module to all of our clients.

Another add-on that that I like is the fingerprint Module, it is fast and easy to use.  The best part about having the module is how secure it is, PawnMaster have it build in where you can configure it to require a validation for any pawn or buy transactions before finalizing it. Not only that, the biometric reader can also be configure for your employees to login to PawnMaster. I just wish that we had the ability to pull up a customer by them scanning their fingerprint. Hopefully we have that in the future with Ignite. I believe that all of our clients should have the Fingerprint Module because it is secure and very convenient in the store for both the employees and their customers.