What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Jessica Noval, 2D ID Scanning


We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:

Jessica_round.pngOut of all the great add-on modules we have here at Data Age PawnMaster, my personal favorite is the 2D ID scanning feature. This module gives you the convenience of not having to hand input your customers’ information into the system, while at the same time giving you the capability to use the same piece of hardware as a UPC/barcode scanner for checkout and still also providing the ability to do minor inventory changes. It’s the “kill three birds with one stone” product! 

Customers are always looking to get their clients in and out quickly. What better way than minimizing the amount of typing their employees have to do with names, addresses, birth dates, etc?! This further ensures the data in the system is correct, all with the click of a scan gun. Same goes for the point-of-sale aspect. We know our customers need to have eyes on their shops at all times, so with eliminating the manual entry of item numbers gives them that ability. 
I know for my clients, add-on costs for additional features can be a concern. That’s why I always recommend the 2D ID scanning. It’s far more accurate than any other of the ID scanning options, the hardware is reasonably priced and supported by us, all while giving them the multi-function use they need in their shops. No one wants multiple pieces of clunky hardware cluttering their counters. With this add-on you have one piece of hardware covering you on multiple levels, ensuring the quickness and quality of your work. In the end, this is a product making our customers look professional and high-end, with a cost-effective price tag, saving them from spending more money on individual add-ons that only service one aspect of their business.