What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Jeremy Bryant, Sales


We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:

Jeremy_round.pngMy favorite add-on is the 2D ID Scanner. It is a must for the pawnbroker. It will scan the customer’s ID and automatically populate the information in the customer fields without you having to manually type everything in. Not only is it faster, it also reduces errors during data input. You will be able to scan the inventory labels so it will help you with your inventory too. It will decrease theft because you will have time to keep your eye on the sales floor, rather being heads-down entering data. The ID scanner and software module will make your lines go faster and make your shop look more professional. Do you think your customers want to stand in line while they wait for you to type everything in? No way! Your customers will love that you get them in and out of the shop quickly.