What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Colton Harkins, Consumables


We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:


As the Consumables Service Representative here at Data Age Business Systems, I believe that the GoDex G500 Inventory/Jewelry printer is by far the best inventory/jewelry printer out on the market today. Not only is this prinColtonHeadshot2ter going to be a work horse for the more busy shops, it also boasts longevity and dependability. When purchased through DataAge, it is also supported by our own in house tech team. I recommend that all pawn/jewelry shops use the GoDex G500 for its professional style labels and reliable track record.

With all of the supplies for the GoDex G500 sold here at Data Age, you’ll never have to worry about running out of anything. Don’t forget about a 20% discount on any first time purchase of consumables through Data Age Business Systems.