What’s Your Favorite PawnMaster Feature? Casey Sheehan, Optical ID Scanning


We asked our employees what their favorite PawnMaster feature is, and why.  Here’s what they had to say:

My name is Casey Sheehan, and I am a software developer here at Data Age. I deal with each and every module on a regular basis, and have even helped with the development of some of them.

The module that I would consider to be my favorite is the Optical ID Scanning Module. The Optical ID Scanning Module is a piece of our software that allows users of our software to scan (take a picture) of an id, and have that picture save into Pawnmaster automatically. Furthermore, after the picture is saved into Pawnmaster, the customer is automatically either looked up (if they’re already entered as a customer) or saved into the software as a new customer if they have not already been inputted.

Here’s why this is my favorite module: It’s a key piece of our software, that when activated, is used by our customer for nearly every type of transaction. The module allows Pawnmaster users to look up customers seamlessly without having to guess how their name is spelled. The ID scanner automatically enters all of the customer’s information as opposed to having to copy all of the customer’s information into the system IE, their address, eye color, hair color, weight, name, and driver’s license number. This saves the user a lot of time, decreases the transaction time, and minimizes human error when entering in a customer’s info. Obviously, saving time is good for both the users of our software and their customer. Over months and years, the time saved by this scanner is a huge boost to the user’s productivity, as well as increasing customer satisfaction by decreasing their transaction times.