What You should know about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds



   Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


If a you need to Appraise a clarity enhanced diamond, figure the price to be about 40% off of what the price would be if the diamond was not treated. 









The reason you are not selling enhanced diamonds is because you are scared the filling will come out. But WHO CARES. Let’s say the worst thing happens and the filling does come out. It’s only about $50 to fix it! So why not sell these and make some $$$ money.

Use this if the customer gets caught up in the price or 
what it will appraise for.
“Look.. You are not buying this diamond as an investment, you are buying it to ENJOY it, to show off your style, and your success. What it appraises for does
not matter. It just matters that it looks like a million bucks and costs much, much less.
  Tips on Detecting, Selling, and
Pricing Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
diamodn rainbow
 Learn Misleading Inclusions in Unfilled Diamonds

Sometimes an untreated thin feather can display an iridescent rainbow of colors. This is often confused with filled diamonds. The difference is non-treated diamonds will show many colors where filled diamonds are 1 solid vivid color


Natural brown

stains in diamonds may be confusing, but remember, they need to flash a SINGLE BRIGHT 
color to be filled.  Also, the flash in filled stones is usually seen when looking parallel to the break, whereas natural colors from a feather are perpendicular to the break.                   
The best way is by looking for the “Flash Effect”.  The flash effect is a vivid color flash where there has been treatment. Bright pink is the most common followed by a very vivid blue. This effect is best seen when rocking the diamond back and forth. 
Wear & Tear 
Normal wear and tear can not harm clarity enhanced diamonds. Remember not to use Lye or other chemicals on them. They are safe to go in hot tubs and the ultra sonic cleaner. The good news? Even if the diamond is exposed to heat over 400 degrees or strong acids, it is a VERY CHEAP FIX (only around $50 per carat). Ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning, or boiling water will not affect the enhancement. 




In 1982, Zvi Yehuda, a famous Israeli Scientist, discovered a way to enhance the appearance of diamonds by inserting a microscopic amount of a clear glass-like material into a feather of a diamond. The material has the same optical properties as the diamond. It is much like the process used to fill cracks in car windshields.

The material is so light and microscopic that the GIA has said it adds ZERO weight to a diamond!
If you want a nice hand out of “Care Instructions”
 for treated Diamonds, email Aleah at [email protected] and she will email you one you can print.


Clarity Enhanced Diamonds 
I adore them because they are 
Beautiful, Big, & Cheap!
Finally DIAMONDS You can make a profit on



Want Diamonds you can actually MAKE MONEY ON?!

(before and after clarity enhancement)  

1) What is not treated these days? Emeralds are oiled, sapphires are heated. Heck, every diamond that comes out of the ground looks like salt. They have all been “treated” in some way.
2) Some people worry about the filling coming out. Did you know it’s ONLY about $50/ct to fill a diamond? I will refill it for free. It is a cheap & easy fix.
3) It’s Like an Open Box Sale. 
We have all bought that open box at Best Buy. Yes maybe it has a scratch on it, but for SAVINGS most people are thrilled.
4) A Clarity Enhanced Diamond is Like a Car. Let’s say you see a new car for $30,000. A dealer down the road has the same car for $18,000 only because it had a dent that was repaired. They look the same. Why wouldn’t you want the one for $12,000 less?
5) Only a RARE amount of diamonds can even be enhanced.
Until recently, I was against selling filled diamonds. 
However, with diamond prices going up, margins going down, 
and people being on a budget, I believe these are an AWESOME option to help YOU MAKE MORE MONEY.