What could be worse than your software crashing during your holiday rush?


Having issues with your pawn software? You always need reliable software to run your shop, however, it is especially critical during the holidays. After all, 21% of annual retail sales came from the holidays in 2015, according to the National Retail Federation. This is why it is absolutely critical for that your software company invests in the most reliable services to protect your business. 

PawnMaster’s true cloud-based pawn management software, Ignite, is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) so there are never any concerns of down-time caused by inefficient technology and hosting services. AWS is the most reliable, secure and experienced cloud service out there. Amazon provides a service they call “no single point of failure” which means that in the event of any kind of outage, new servers are launched instantaneously behind the scenes, so in your world, it’s business as usual.

Can you imagine having to go back to the stone ages and handwrite pawn tickets? Turn away business? Angry customers waiting in long lines during your busiest days of the year?

We also know cloud isn’t for everyone. This is why PawnMaster offers and supports dual platforms – “true cloud” and on premise. You have the option to choose the solution that makes sense for your business. At PawnMaster, it isn’t just about software though. It’s about people. Which is why we have the largest and most responsive support team in the industry available to you.

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