We Are All Moved In!

The Data Age team has moved in! Mostly. Today is our first day in our new corporate office. This space is not only much larger than our previous location, but it gives us the ability to host on-site visitors. Part of this new facility will include Data Age University, a new training facility and curriculum designed to help Data Age customers of all levels. From beginners who want to get up to speed as fast as possible, to long time users who are looking to take their shop to the next level, Data Age University will be the most advanced training program ever designed for the pawn shop industry.

Florida is a common vacation destination for many of our customers. By building this on-site training facility, Data Age customers will have the ability to mix business with a little pleasure. Our office is only 15 minutes to the nearest beach. Some customers may even want to extend their stay a few days, getting a little more sunshine before they go back to their shops, ready to apply what they have learned.

Speaking of visitors, we had our first customer come by to see the new location today. Matt and Chase Ferris from Mega Pawn in Flint Michigan came by for the grand tour, even if we are still in a little disarray. Matt and Chase were on vacation and just decided to make Data Age a quick stop. Mega Pawn converted from a competitor about a year ago and is looking for a few custom reports. We were happy to show off our new office and they were happy to see we have room to grow, so we can continue providing fast technical support and to keep advancing PawnMaster as Data Age grows.

Below are a few pictures of the new facility. If you want to see more, stop by!!

The new front entrance safe guarded by Melissa.

Tech support, tech supporting.

Almost done with the development area.

A big conference room for big meetings.

Staging and fulfillment. Brian is blurry because he moves that fast!