Turning One Sale into Another Part 2: Post Transaction

header-TurningOneSale-PostTransactionPost transactional touch-points are an opportunity for you to reach out to your customer after the sale was made to reengage them to come back. Customer interaction doesn’t stop once the customer has made the sale.

There are still receipts, customer friendly return policies, gift wrapping, and post-transaction technology like email opt-ins or text messaging programs that allow you to continue to create a positive experience for the customer.

Once a customer pays off a loan or makes another purchase, they often get caught up in their individual lives again and don’t think about the next time they will come back to spend more money. By using programs like a customer loyalty system, you increase the chance of customers planning their return trip to reap the benefits of your loyalty rewards. Using an email opt-in can remind them of the experience they had in your shop. Text messaging opt-ins can be even more beneficial; 98 % of text messages are read within 3 minutes. During slow periods these opt-in methods can be the fuel behind driving traffic into your shop.

Post transactional touch-points are your chance to make a lasting impression. Some businesses take advantage of this by printing coupons on the customer’s receipt, not only is the receipt proof of purchase its an incentive to have the customer come back. You can even provide on the spot gift wrapping for special occasions or holidays. Gift wrapping allows your customer a feel-good moment about the items they just purchased. By delivering personalized experiences through moments like this, you show your customer they are special to you, and you appreciate their business. Re-engaging your customer with post transactional touch-points allows you to create an in-store experience that can’t be found online. Every sale in your store is a chance for you to continue to market your business and turn one sale into many more.