Trends in the Industry

The biggest things that I recommend, that I see, that I think needs some help in areas, is understanding the performance of your location. And some of that starts with just understanding the key metrics. So, we take a long look at the metrics of the business and how it’s performing. The other thing is you have to look at your business model. So, has your business model changed? Are you down in retail? Which, if you don’t know your numbers, you won’t know that piece of it. So, you have to understand are you down in retail? If you’re down in retail what’s causing that? And once you’ve defined what’s causing that, let’s say it’s because you’re not selling any merchandises online, then what do you do to get online? And if you’re a pawnbroker, and you haven’t had any experience in this, and you don’t know the services that, you know PawnMaster or some other place offer, then how do you or who do you go to, to get assistance and help with that? And so, I think those are some of the biggest things pawnbrokers today need help with to reverse some of those trends.