Treat them Like Family


For many years DataAge has focused on the customer as the sole focal point of our business. Many of our customers have publically stated we “treat them like family”. This is exactly how we feel and of late, there has been a lot of energy around this subject pertaining to the recent upheaval in our space.

The customer is more informed than ever before and is just one click away from finding someone else to service their business. A customer-centric approach to business really is the only way to go about working with your customers. The customer is not interested in all the “slick” buzzwords”. All they know and want to hear is their business is the most important business on the planet. They are right. 

We can’t emphasize enough the vetting process when making capital or operational decisions for your business. We consult customers to slow the process down, ask the right questions and speak to people who have gone through what they are going through. Check the pedigree and track record of the vendor for stability, quality of the products and to ensure they have a team who can treat you like family…

Why? Because you should be serviced this way.