Tip to Pawnbrokers on handling printers within the PawnMaster system

Here is a helpful tech tip to any Pawnbroker handling a new printer within the PawnMaster system. If you are a PawnMaster user and you want to move your printer to a new computer or you buy a new printer and need to add it to your system.
Note that printer drivers need to be installed since they are not plug-n-play. This is true for report printers such as Laser printers, Dot-Matrix for Inventory, the Datamax Jewelry printer, and the Star printer for receipts. You will need to go into PawnMaster and reassign the new printer. You may want to rename the printer job it will be performing to make it easier and less confusing when reassigning, i.e. Dell – Tickets, Datamax – Jewelry, Dot-Matrix – Inventory, etc. Lastly set page sizes if applicable. You can always contact Data Age technical support for assistance if needed 727-582-9100.