Time Management


Time management is an issue for many of us, especially as a small business owner who puts the key into the door of their business every day. It seems we get pulled away from what we want to do every day because business is very fluid and somewhat unpredictable. This seems to be even truer at the entrepreneur level where everything falls into your lap. 

Prioritizing task and writing them down really helps but before doing this you should have categories and rank them in order of importance. Here at Data Age, our number one priority is our customers. If an issue arises with a customer and they need training help, technical support or anything relating to their business, we stop on the spot to address it. Having these priorities in place will help you then map out your task list for the day and know when to postpone a task or press forward with one. Chunking down your day and setting realistic expectations also works. Even though you want to tackle that big list the reality of that happening is slim. Addressing this upfront takes a lot of mind share off your brain and will help you power through the task you “MUST” do. By staying on point and identifying your top priorities, you will likely become more productive and even increase your to-do list bandwidth.