The Worst Possible Outcome


There are three possible outcomes from a sales opportunity.

  1. A Win
  2. A Lose
  3. No Decision


No decision is the worst outcome for a host of reasons but mainly because you have no baseline to learn from.  You’ve invested a good amount of your time into these deals. Statistics show “no decision” deals make up anywhere between 28% and 35% of B2B sales. When you put in persepctive the amount resources invested in these types of deals, they really add up. Let’s be clear, no decision is not always a loss. There is opportunity to revisit the conversation to gain some clarity. If it does end up in a loss, you can take the opportunity to understand what went wrong. If the buyer hasn’t gone in another direction, you may be able to re-engage them. 

  1. Make sure you have proper sales alignment on a deal… being on the same page
  2. Ask the right questions and ask the tough question
  3. Qualify until the deal is in your hand
  4. Understand our clients are not really folsom in their views all the time