The Value in Choosing the #1 Vendor


Technical issues causing your pawn software to not function properly, such as not having the ability to print a contract, may result in you locking your doors and turning away business.
Having a reliable technical support solution is KEY in these situations. Including myself, Data Age maintains a 15 man dedicated technical support staff, possessing knowledge, experience and skill sets second to none in the industry. We prided ourselves on same day call backs, with a strong focus to have ALL customer’s called back within 30 minutes or less of creating a support ticket. Stores unable to conduct any business at all take priority and will receive an immediate call back.

We Don’t Outsource

My team and I also pride ourselves on being professional and easy to understand. Our customers often prefer to work with Data Age technicians over ANY other support entity.
The Data Age customer base is full of regular people, and our technicians are regular people too! No scripted robots here. We make sure our customers understand not only the often complex issues we are dealing with, but also the solution.
My support team is personable. We understand your business, your challenges, and the tools needed to run it. From software to hardware, we quickly identify your support issue and diagnose the problem. We are almost always able to resolve the issue on the same call. However, if that is not possible we have a system in place to escalate issues to the appropriate resource.
Our development doesn’t hesitate to jump in and assist in troubleshooting issues. Technical support and development work hand-and-hand to solve escalated issues. When we put our heads together there’s not much we can’t accomplish in getting your support needs met.

Experience that Matters

Our 26 plus years in the industry and a customer base that is fast approaching 2700 pawnshops has provided us with the invaluable experience to best support your shop. If it can go wrong, or if it can break, we probably seen or heard of it before. We can provide advice on anything from industry best practices, to system optimization, to data loss prevention. My team has pretty much heard it all.

A word of advice from the #1 Tech Support Team in the Industry.

Your pawnshop is your business. Your Business is your livelihood!
Taking care of the PC’s running your complete pawnshop management software is instrumental to running a successful business. With many years of experience in the field, we’ve seen a lot of shops take the low road when it comes to their pawnshops PC’s.
Having clean, and secure PC’s in place is essential to a trouble free, day-to-day operation. I’d make sure my PawnMaster terminals are being primarily used for running PawnMaster, and nothing else. Limit the addition of 3rd party software running on your PawnMaster terminals. Standing up separate internet PC’s just for price verification and personal use is highly recommended. I wouldn’t allow employees to use the PawnMaster terminals for ANYTHING except for running PawnMaster. Virus’s, malware and security breaches can compromise your database of customers and your transaction history.

What about hardware you purchased from another retailer?

Because of our ability to work so well with our customers, they often ask us to help them with hardware they’ve purchased from a different vendor. We are able to do so at a rate typically lower than any local IT service company. We find that local IT companies usually end up engaging Data Age support in their troubleshooting anyway.
Other pawn software vendors do not offer this type of Above and Beyond support. They will often leave you very little options next to contacting a local IT company. In some cases that local IT resource may not be conveniently available.
TIME is MONEY! The less TIME spent trying to find a reliable resource, the faster your shop can be up and running, making you MONEY!