The Secret to My Success


The first time someone asked me if there was any secret to my success, I thought the question sounded odd. I think that, in itself, is part of the secret to success; being humble. Don’t stay focused on what you’ve accomplished and always look towards achieving that next goal.

For me, it’s always been about taking care of those customers who have chosen to put their shops operations, their livelihood, in your hands to make things run more effectively and efficiently. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Maybe it was my humble beginnings, maybe it was that mid-western work ethic, or maybe it was just my upbringing, where you are taught to take care of your neighbor and take pride in your work. Whatever combination of those traits that make it work, I have never seen where being boastful and bragging would get you anywhere other than a place in your own mind.

I think you can also contribute success to being cognizant of when you need to ask for help and knowing your limits. I may at times have debated a point where I felt I was right, but I’ve never thought or acted in a way where I wouldn’t ask for help. I’ve always lived by Ronald Regan’s quote “Surround yourself with great people.”  With great people, you can achieve great things.