“The only source of knowledge is experience”


“The only source of knowledge is experience” Albert Einstein

What is experience and why is it so valuable when it comes to business? Experience is a collection of situations or events gained over the course of many years. These events can have positive outcomes and negative outcomes. Some of the events can be learning experiences but they all collect in the mind to hopefully be used later on in any business career or situation to drive favorable outcomes for both the vendors, their customers or in any normal-life related situations requiring decisions.

Experience is not taught, it is learned through trial and error. Even the most highly educated or decorated can’t succeed without experience. When customers come to any business they are basically making an investment to secure a positive result. Most customers bank on sound products and services, which are backed by extensive social proofing but also backed by many years of experience in the area the vendor and business owner states they are experts in.

Many of our customers gain their experience over many years of working with thousands of their own customers via thousands of transaction that impact their clients daily lives. Not many of our customers went to school to learn their trade. They went through the school of hard knocks and invested a mountain of sweat equity. As you continue to build your business, operate your company or just make sound decisions, experience will always be a key factor in driving successful outcomes. Passing knowledge along is a good thing but allowing time to set in to ensure the knowledge is absorbed, properly used and then improved upon is vital when trying to manage, sustain, and grow a business. 

Have a great end of the year run and great holiday season.