The Lights Are Always On, and There’s Always Someone Home


No product or service – or end user – is perfect. This is especially true when it comes to hardware and software. Most entrepreneurial-dominated industries are successful because the people who make up the industry focus on what they do best. In the collateral lending industry, PawnMaster users are heads down with their customers, loaning, buying, and selling. They don’t have the time to focus or be concerned if an issue arises around the technology they depend on to help operate their business. Should they have an issue, they know that they can make a call and get an answer, and never have to worry about getting their vendor on the line to help them.

At Data Age, we’ve received hundreds of accolades regarding our technical support teams and our approach to customer service. Hiring the best technical talent is paramount for us. Supporting this talent with the best possible help desk technology and ongoing training is the commitment Data Age gives to our clients. Our customers know that when they place a call for help, someone gets back to them swiftly, because we understand how valuable time is for our customers. The rare occasion that we field a negative experience from a  customer, we quickly get to the core of the problem to make the corrections needed, and never leave our customers hanging.

Our technical support system was built so that our team can efficiently and effectively handle any situation they come up against. Our technical support team holds weekly training sessions to sharpen their skills in communication, problem solving, and general product knowledge. We cultivate a culture of success among our ranks, in fact many of our developers and QA specialists started out on the tech floor. Having a team like this as the backbone of our business gives us the ability to take on any challenges and be available for our customers large or small, day or night. We don’t have to do business this way, but we choose to, because that’s what our customers deserve.