The Key to Driving Revenue

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Revenue, revenue, revenue!  Every business wants to drive revenue, and sometimes they miss the easiest aspect of driving revenue: Customer satisfaction and retention

A customer centric organization focuses on gaining market-share through adding more revenue against that of lost revenue and looking for a NET positive each month. What if the gains were true gains by doing the ABC’s of business 101? Keep your existing customers happy and loyal. Customer Successes can lead to revenue drives just by doing what the organization said they would do when they won and earned the right to service a new customer.

A happy customer is more receptive to engaging a sales person or a product recommendation when the company gains even further trust over a sustained period of time. 

Understanding that every customer interaction, with anyone in the organization, is a selling opportunity either at that moment or somewhere down the line is critical for total customer satisfaction. Customer success is a team effort both on the front end of your business as well as the backend of the business. As you and your team build customer trust, personal rapport will naturally develop and will translate to a better than likelihood of making a sale when the time presents itself. Once this has been established over hundreds of customers, your business will become a destination spot in your community and this will be driven by the end-user experience. All this results in a trusted BRAND!

Repeat sales and transaction are a vital part of our business. It is much cheaper and more fruitful to secure your existing customers than it is going after new ones. Invest the time in focusing on your customer. The dividends will be huge for you. Have a great summer.