The Importance of Small Steps

Importance of Small Steps_Header

So many people today want to succeed very badly in everything they do. They should be commended for their ambitions and desires, but they really need to understand that success does not come easy. Every person that’s achieved greatness in their lifetime has applied one very important lesson: the value of taking small steps.

Taking small steps doesn’t mean taking it slow or being passive in your approach to whatever your goal is. Taking small steps means adhering to the little things or processes that are necessary to achieve greatness.

I can recall in my own journey several times when I took big steps, only to have to come back down and retrace my steps. Those decisions were quick twitch decisions on how I wanted my store to look or feel, or how I wanted my sales team to perform. I was trying to leap over mountains, when in hindsight I realize that’s probably unrealistic. I should have climbed the mountain in a much more attainable way, by taking one step at a time.

I made several of these mistakes in business. I often bypassed the basics because I thought I knew or I was too sure of myself or even worse…I was afraid to ask questions. I realize now, we can’t leap over mountains. Regardless of how eager we may be to get ahead quickly, we have to take small steps. 

Understanding the importance of small steps is a sure-fire guarantee to saving time and most likely money, businesswise, in the long run. 

I hope 2021 is starting fast for you all, and I wish you all continued success as you aim to reach your goals.