The Age Of The Customer

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I am sure we are all very busy, and we try very hard to continue to improve ourselves and our businesses. 

As a business owner, executive, or someone always on the go, taking time to read and improve seems to take a back seat sometimes. That being said, and truly understanding the precious commodity of time, I rarely urge people to take up a read. With close to ten years in our industry now, I believe I have recommended only two readings.

Today I bring you number three, which in my opinion is spot on and most appropriate for the business climate we all find ourselves in today.  The Age of the Buyer is just that. If we don’t embrace it, plan for it, and then chase it. We will be in business obscurity at some point. As a company Data Age/PawnMaster continues to emphasize consistent education, growth, and relevance to PawnMaster Nation. Having great products and great customer service as a business should be a given, but being able to provide more value to your customers will take you beyond being relevant.

Our PawnMaster 360 program is achieving this for our customers. This book is a great read, and it will help you adjust and flourish in this new age of the customer. Please private message me on Facebook if you have any questions, or if you simply want to chat. I make it a point to always make myself available.