The 3 C’s of Customer Satisfaction


Consistency, consistency, consistency… Let’s face it, customer satisfaction is what it is all about in business. Your customers are your business and your life. Over the years we have learned and grown in this area. In the five years I have been with Data Age we have focused all our energies to ensure the customer satisfaction levels and experience were top notch. Successful businesses have to also have an open mind, broad shoulders and willingess to hear things that are not great about their business. We have done just that and appreciate the feedback given to us. We view this feedback as an opportunity to get better. This continues today when customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is at an all-time high.

Social Proofing is a concept we embrace here at Data Age. There is no better advocate for your business than your customer. I am sure you all are experiencing this in your own business as well.

Having great products help, having an inviting storefront/operation helps, but there is no greater attribute than having world-class customer service. Keep it friendly, keep it informative and above all… Keep it consistent all the time.