Tech Talk – PawnMaster’s General Ledger Integration


Many businesses use Quickbooks ™ to track their company’s finances, but entering in the day’s transactions can be tedious, costing the shop money in the long run. With General Ledger, you have the ability to export information directly from your PawnMaster program into your accounting software, without the arduous task of entering in the data by hand.

PawnMaster’s General Ledger module allows you to conveniently export all fiscal changes to Quickbooks™ using batched data that, when exported, also generates a report of all transactions accrued over the batch’s date range, for simple reconciliation within your accounting software. You also have the option to break down the items that export by category, giving you better insight as to what items are bringing you a profit, and which items may be costing the shop money.


4 Reasons You Need the General Ledger Module Now

  1. Save hours by letting PawnMaster export data for you, in convenient batches.
  2. Better organize your finances, with the ability to break down where your profits are coming from.
  3. Reporting for both concise and exhaustive summaries of the batch’s included data.
  4. Reduce the chance of errors in your books, which could cause the shop hundreds of dollars to rectify.