Tech Support Your Way

header-TechSupportYourWay.jpgHere at Data Age we have a true understanding of what it means to be in need of help. We know the struggles that the shop owners and employees are going through on a day to day basis, so we make ourselves available to any and all questions or concerns. We’ve found that limiting ourselves to only one form of support just doesn’t allow us to reach every shop… For that reason we have multiple avenues to get your issues or questions handled.

Phone Support: This is our pride and joy of tech support. We love having the ability to speak with each customer, and truly get an understanding for your unique issue. This allows a more personalized experience, and allows a chance for you to get comfortable with each tech. When we first take your call, we want to understand the issue at hand before we start making any sort of changes. We handle each call as its own situation, and don’t ever drone our way through a list of troubleshooting steps, and then give up when that list hasn’t resolved the issue. We take our time with each call and seek to not only resolve the issue, but to help you understand how to avoid it in the future.  Education is a huge aspect of getting through your day. Understanding PawnMaster, and your shop’s individual setup will help you understand why some things function the way they do. Whenever you have a technical support representative on the phone, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions, and build your sense of comfort with the program. There’s an adjustment period to anything new, so hop on the phone and let us help you with whatever curve balls are thrown your way.

Email Support: We understand that running your shop takes a lot of time and attention. Sometimes you don’t have the ability to sit at a phone and work through issues, or maybe emails are just your preferred form of communication. Here at Data Age, we want to help in any way that we can. We offer the ability for you to send us an email, and get answers to your questions. Maybe you are computer savvy and just need some troubleshooting ideas for an issue that you are having, send us an email. Additionally, after a tech support call the rep will send you a Thank You Email. This email is a good opportunity for you to leave feedback on your experience, and again ask any questions that may have been missed during the actual call.

Training Videos: It can be difficult to take time out of your day to train each employee as thoroughly as one may need. To alleviate some of your training stresses, you can contact your account representative and get the information for the training videos. These videos will walk you through the basics of all aspects of PawnMaster. This will often times answer questions on the general functionality, or “How to” questions.


I can honestly say that Phone Support is the best form of communication hands down. We’re not one of those companies who would rather hide behind an email or a voicemail than get you on the phone. We want you to have trust that in your time of need, you’ll get someone on the phone right away whose only intention is to help you with whatever issue you’re experiencing. If for whatever reason we cannot assist you, then we will at least guide you in the right direction. At no point do we want you to feel like you’re up a creek without a paddle. Please don’t hesitate to get on the phone with your account rep, or tech support, and let us guide you in the right direction!