Summa’s Sales Spotlight: Avoid the Sales-y Mumbo Jumbo


Do away with the machine gun mumbo jumbo approach when speaking to prospects. Question-based selling will help you position yourself to respond to your prospects’ needs. You can have a productive conversation if you ask the right questions. Be careful not to make assumptions and launch into areas too quickly, that the prospect is not interested in.

Some Basics to Follow


  1. “Let me start off by saying thank you for the interest. I want to ask you a few questions so I can speak to your specific needs…”
  2. “What brought you to our website?” 
  3. Why now, what is the significance of now?”
  4. “What do you do now and what are you planning to do?”
  5. “How are you looking for our service to help you?”


Very easy, free flowing questions that should spark deeper dialogue. Don’t stop once you complete these questions. It is all about sharing information and syncing the product to their needs.