Stone Digestion


When I first started in the Refining Industry in 2000, gold was at $237 toz. Business was good, I guess (I was with another company at the time, not GEIB). We melted gold, silver, platinum and gold with stones. Record scratch. What did you just say Peter?! Gold with diamonds??

Yes. We melted gold with Melee and other little stones. I think that’s just the way it was. No one cared, no one wanted little “frozen spit” back. Over the years, someone, somewhere, realized there was a lot of diamonds being burned up and ruined and most importantly there was money being thrown away in not getting the value of the diamonds out of the material.Refining Views1.jpg

If you’re not doing stone removal on your karat gold with diamonds, you’re doing a disservice to your business and your bottom line. You should absolutely be doing this process. As long as you work with a reputable company, you have nothing to be concerned about.

The benefits of stone removal in your karat scrap outweighs any small costs associated with the process. I promise you.

You can keep stones for a rainy day, for repairs, maybe a car and so much more. I have clients that do stone removal on every lot shipped in and I have clients that do it before Las Vegas NPA or regional shows coming up to sell their stones to a reputable diamond buyer like Palak Diam Inc. (Ankur Savani).

My suggestion is take out any of the larger stones (1/4 ct +) and leave the Melee and smaller stones for the acid. If you try to take the smaller stones out at the bench you run the risk of chipping or breaking the stones which now makes them perfect only for diamond saw blades (smiles) and a lot less valuable per carat.

Keep in mind that anything organic like opals and pearls will typically not make it through the acid process. They will dissolve. We, at GEIB, also frost our stones lots after the process to cloud the cz’s in hydrofluoric acid. If you like HEAVY frost just ask and we’ll leave it sit for extra time. This makes it easier for you to pick out the bad or no value stones while sorting. We will always give you white (diamond) goods packaged separate of the colored stones.  We will send everything back to you.

Stone Digestion. It’s affordable. It’s easy. It allows you to concentrate on so many other things you have going on in your business and life. Talk to your rep or refining company or call me personally anytime with questions, concerns and needs. I’ve included our process below from our website,


Geib Refining Corp. has engineered a unique and proprietary system for the wet chemical recovery of diamonds and precious stones from jewelry scrap.  

Whether your are a large volume diamond house, retail jeweler, or pawnbroker our processes demands attention to detail combined with state-of-the art technology. These efforts, together with Geib know-how assures accurate recovery on customer critical lots.

Every single lot at Geib Refining Corp. is processed separately. 

Our process includes the submersion of stone contained jewelry in chemical reactor baths which dissolve the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium into soluble states.  After reaction occurs, your stones are metal free and are then recovered through our finite screening system.

Once your stones are extracted, your metals which are contained in solution are then precipitated, melted, and assayed for ultimate purity.

Your stones are then washed, sorted, weighed and then held for final settlement or specific customer instruction.

At Geib Refining Corp. our systems for control, highlighted by checks and balances ensure the integrity of each lot throughout the recovery process.  We have worked hard to perfect our system and wish to thank our customers for their support, highlighted through their repeat business.