“Stocking Up” on Guns Before Election

Did you know that PawnMaster pawn shop management software helps you stay in compliance with law enforcement requirements with our gun log? PawnMaster helps simplify the gun tracking process and provides reports and the files needed. With the election just around the corner, see what one gun broker is doing to stir up business.


At Howard’s Pawn shop in Macon, owner Howard Reed says it’s all about “faith, family, and firearms.”

And with the presidential election only a month away, Reed has aired ads on the radio for his pawn shop encouraging people to “stock up” on guns before November.

“We were merely reminding people of the way our industry was affected before, and our ad is entirely to encourage people to come get products while we have them.”

But the ad is also controversial because, according to Bryan Williams, a political science professor at Mercer University, it plays to the fears some people have that President Obama and Democrats would take away guns if re-elected.

“Any rhetoric that’s going to instigate fear is going to be money in the bank for somebody who sells the antidote for fear, which is a handgun.”

Reed says in the months before the last presidential election in 2008, he saw a major spike in people coming in to his shop to purchase guns before the election. “It was just like someone turned on a faucet, and I mean it was wide open, ‘I want two of this,’ ‘2,000 rounds of that.'”

Reed says he is concerned about President Obama being re-elected because of the United Nations’ efforts to limit guns. He says it’s in part what motivates people to buy guns before an election. “There was fear in the hearts and guts of people nationwide or else what happened before, wouldn’t have happened.”

Despite their concerns, though, Professor Williams says President Obama has actually been criticized by many liberal groups for not being tough enough on gun laws, and that there is no indication that he would try to infringe upon the Second Amendment in a second term.

But he says the tactics employed by the pawn shop are actually common, and have been in use even before President Obama was elected. Many pawn shops began airing similar ads as early as 2006, when the Democrats took control of Congress during the Bush administration.

We would love your comments about this. Do you think this is a good way to “scare” people into buying guns?