Solutions to 4 Frequently Asked Technical Support Questions



Here at Pawnmaster tech support we strive to give our customers the best experience and customer service they can imagine! In doing so, we want to help increase your knowledge base so that you may be able to resolve some issues on your own, without having to depend solely  on  tech support! We understand that time is money! Some basic errors that you may run into on a day to day basis can be found below, with solutions to these errors.



“PawnMaster is already running…”

PawnMaster has certain protocol set in place to make sure that each computer operating the software only has one license occupied. When attempting to log into PawnMaster, you may see this message appear: “PawnMaster is already running…

When this happens, this first thing we want to do:

Make sure PawnMaster is not already open.

If we see that PawnMaster is not open, but we are receiving this error anyways, you will want to navigate to the PawnMaster Directory on the local C:\ Drive

Start Menu > Computer > C:\ Drive > Pawnmaster

When you are inside of the PawnMaster folder itself, you will want to look for four specific files, these are called the Paytype Files.

  1. PayType1.CDX
  2. PayType1.DBF
  3. PayType2.CDX
  4. PayType2.DBF

When you find these files, you will want to go ahead and delete all 4 of them. Once you have deleted the 4 PayType files, open PawnMaster again, and you’ll be good to go!  


“Maximum number of users has been exceeded”

With PawnMaster, we give you the ability to obtain as many User Licenses as you would like. A User License is what will allow you to open PawnMaster on as many computers as you have licenses.

Sometimes when opening PawnMaster, you will get an error that says, “Maximum number of users has been exceeded

When this happens, the first thing we want to do is:

Check to see if PawnMaster is open on as many computers as you have licenses.

If we see that it is not open on all computers, MAKE SURE NO ONE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A TRANSACTION BEFORE GOING TO THE NEXT STEP. (This code will remove anyone currently using PawnMaster, and force a restart).

Go to your server computer > Open Pawnmaster > Cancel out of the login box > Open the Help Tab > Choose Technical Support > Code > Enter the code “DARESETU” > No password required

When you run this code, it will tell you that the update of PawnMaster was successful. You will then need to close out of Pawnmaster, and re-open on all computers. You will be good to go again! 


“Your computer name did not get logged in”

If you open a new copy of PawnMaster while you already have a copy open, and then try to perform an action on the previously opened copy, you will get this error, “Your computer name did not get logged in

With this error, it’s a very simple fix! Simply close down PawnMaster completely, and then re-open it. You will be fully functional from that point on!

Do your best to be attentive to whether or not you have a copy of PawnMaster already open… If you are already in the middle of a transaction and try to open a new copy for whatever reason, it will cancel you out of that transaction.  


“Detail 1 band too large”

Sometimes when printing inside of PawnMaster, you may be faced with two very similar errors. First being, “Detail 1 band too large”, and second being, “Group Header 1 band too large

Both of these printing errors are very easy to resolve. You first want to take a look at your PawnMaster printer setup:

Login to Pawnmaster > Admin > Printer Setup

When inside of the Printer Setup, you have the ability to change the printing path to every aspect of PawnMaster. You will want to take a look at whatever it was you were printing, and see that you have the proper printer set for that option. If you see that what you are trying to print to is set to print to your Default printer, you’ll then want to take a look at your Devices and Printers to double check where your Default printer is set.

For Windows 7 – Start Menu > Devices and Printers

For Windows 8.1 – Hit the start menu, (This will take you to the tile screen) > Type Devices and Printers, (This will open a side panel menu that will bring up your devices and printers option).

For Windows 10 – Use the Cortana Search Bar > Type Devices and Printers

Windows 10 has added a feature that allows Windows to control your Default printer… What this means is that whatever you choose to print from, Windows will make this your default printer. This can cause many problems…

This most common problem with this is when you print from your label printer, and then try to print a Pawn Ticket, or a Report. An 8 x 11.5 sheet of paper cannot print out onto a label printer, so your Pawnmaster will crash, and you may be left wondering why….

If this happens, double check under your devices and printers to make sure that your Default is set properly. If you would like to alleviate this potential stress, simply follow these steps:

Use your Cortana Search Bar > Type ‘Printers and Scanners’ > Select this option, (It will have a cogwheel to the left of the option) > Scroll down and look for “Let Windows manage my default printer” > Turn this off > Double check your current Default Printer

Turning that option off will make it so the Default printer you choose, remains the default printer!  


The topics that I have outlined here are common problems that tend to leave people wondering what to do. Obviously we always want you to feel comfortable and welcome to call Tech Support here at DataAge, but we hope that this post will help you get through some of your common day-to-day issues with minimal downtime! As always, we’re here to help! Happy Pawning!