Shipping scrap… it’s so easy


Working with your refiner has to be simple. Shipping scrap is easy, simple and it’s safe. There are pawnbrokers and Jewelers that have never shipped scrap and they’re weary of the process. Will it make it!? Is it insured? How do I get the label? Where do I take it?!  Etc…shipping.png

It’s feels a little bit like sending your child off to college. It’s sometime scary and you sit waiting for “the call” every night but once they’re there you are comforted. It’s the same way with the package you’ve cared for, boxed up and sent to your refiner for reclamation. It’s all good, I promise. I keep my clients informed as much as I can along the way, as I’m sure most other Reps do as well, with tracking numbers, emails and even a communication as simple as a text, “package just delivered”.

Most refiners are located in places that require shipping. Shipping is easy. We, at GEIB, ship primarily using Fedex, UPS, Reg-insured Mail and Brinks depending on what is being sent and the value of said shipment. When a client contacts me and is ready to send materials the first questions I ask are, “What are we shipping?” “What are the weights of the materials?” and “When will it be ready?”

Some of my clients like to drop their packages off if they’ve got a FedEx location near them and some. Most though, love the convenience of having a driver come directly to their store. Always have the driver SCAN the label bar code while they are in your presence. Once they scan it, they are responsible for it. If possible, ask for a printed receipt. Staying in your shop leaves the owner or manager more time to do what they do best — being in the store, servicing their customers and making money.

NOTE: Do not ever put your refining in a drop box at the office building down the street.

Labels can be emailed or faxed… It takes minutes literally. Please make sure you communicate what is best method for you.

Checklist for Shipping

  1. Always include a packing list inside the FIRST box with the materials.
  2. Make sure your name, address, city, state, zip, and phone are on the packing slip.
  3. Always make sure you double box your materials and label BOTH boxes in case the label on the first box gets damaged.
  4. Tape securely 
  5. Do your best to make sure nothing jiggles and wiggles.
  6. If you are shipping in on your own label and insurance, ALWAYS let your Sales Rep or Company know the package is on its way to their facility 
  7. Make sure courier scans label inside store

Additonal Tips

  1. Use 200 lb crush test uline boxes sealed with 120 lb test strapping tape with fiberglass reinforced kraft tape sealed over all joints.
  2. Never have the words pawn, coin, gold, jewelry etc. on your label or box anywhere.


I like to be on the same page with my people every time always ….

Shipping is an efficient way to get your materials to the people you want to have process your materials. Embrace it.