Self-Motivation… Good Habits


All of us have big dreams and can visualize our success no matter what the target or goal may be.  At times these dreams are bigger than we can handle but the ride sure is a pleasant one when you drift away in thought.  Many of these goals can be achieved and one of the many secret sauces in doing this is how motivated you are.


Over the years I have found motivation from people who have had a profound impact in my life. These folks, for their own unique reasons, helped me but at the end of the day they helped me drive my own self-motivation. I have found the best way to channel your motivation is to be laser focused on the top goals you have. As you have read from me before, chunk you goals down in order of importance and execute. I would rather have one solid idea or goal I focus on and execute rather than one hundred great ideas/goals that sit idle.

I love the saying from the Mel Gibson movie the Patriot.  The main character teaches his son how to fire a musket. He says “aim small, miss small”  this is so applicable to your goals when it comes to execution and focus. Once you have mastered this approach you can build on to your goals and the speed in which you  will achieve success will increase.

Happy selling!