Sales Spotlight: Value Equals Help


We speak about value but what is value in our world?   My take on this is simple… Value=Help.

Most of our prospects and clients can spot a fake Rolex from a mile away. Many of them can also calculate the interest they will make on a pawn in their heads. These things are very important to the pawn broker. Though it may not be apparent at first, software will be the driving force in managing their operations. It is as important as the rent, the lights and their signage.

The 9 Ways a Sales Person Can Provide Value



  1. Publish Content
  2. Answer Questions
  3. Post in Industry Groups
  4. Provide How-To’s
  5. Share Information about Offers or Webinars
  6. Be Consultative
  7. Demo the Product
  8. Offer References
  9. Share 3rd Party Reviews and Testimonials