Sales Spotlight: Timing


The “blow off” is a delicate thing and we all have to be sensitive to timing when attempting to work with a customer or prospective customer.  In many businesses and industries people wear many hats. We all try to stay on point with “to-do” lists, task list and project plans but it can be very difficult. Let’s face it, face-paced went out of style years ago, it is more like hyper-drive now.

Making sure your initial touch point and conversation starts off with understanding the person’s time sensitivity is not only the right thing to do but the respectful thing to do.  It may also alert you to understanding if the person has the mindshare at that particular time to even absorb a conversation with you. If it is a business development call and there is just no interest it is fine, don’t take it personal and just respectfully ask if you could stay close to them down the road to see if the climate may change for them. Informing them to some of the quality industry-related content your firm should be putting out is a good thing too. Try to get them to opt-in to any publications you send out, that you feel would help them. In today’s market where the consumer is so much better prepared, has more information, and is simply wiser, the consultative approach in working with a customer is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Today may just be a bad day for your first discussions for many other reasons other than lack of interest.