Sales Spotlight: One Great Thing


If you have not read the book Good To Great by Jim Collins you really should.  The author speaks about how companies and people go from good to becoming great. One of the principals discussed is the Hedgehog principal. A Hedgehog is a very defensive critter. It does not employ offense and when threatened it rolls itself up in a ball and becomes impenetrable. This critter is the best at the world at this defense. In sales and as a company, before you move on to something else, make sure there is something you do great. Master this one great thing you do.  This could be:

1-      Be a great rapport builder

2-      Learn the pawn industry as an expert would

3-      Know PawnMaster like an expert

4-      Know the competition better than they know themselves

5-      Write great e-mails

6-      Be organized

7-      Master the sales process

8-      Know how to use and secure the right resources to help your efforts

For example, Data Age is great at customer service, working to keep shops in compliance, having the largest install base, awesome reports, etc.

Once you have found the thing you are great at… build on it.