Sales Spotlight: Negotiation Wisdom

header-SalesSpotlight.REDUXpsd.jpgLet me start off by saying negotiation is a two-way street. Our mission is to provide a fair and reasonable solution for our customers, but unfortunately we can’t give our software away because we still need to continue to build and support their needs on an ongoing basis.

  • The key to negotiation is the early rapport built with a prospect. If you have rapport established you should be able to converse honestly and easily with your prospect.
  • Next up, is the business a fit?
  • Understand the prospect’s unique business circumstances leading them to this point
    • Do they have to change software?
    • Were they a pen to pad operator?
    • Is their current vendor is dropping the ball?
    • Are they opening a new store and just getting into the business?
    • Finally, understanding what alternative solutions they may be seeking out

The key to winning consistently in an inside sales model is deal velocity. We have to manage a lot of deals so getting them off the streets as fast as possible is vital.