Sales Spotlight: Inside Sales, The Powerhouse of Sales


Inside sales has grown leaps and bounds over the years. There are no longer sideways jokes about inside sales, or the telemarketing stigmas that used to accompany this model. Inside sales is serious business and provides great flexibility to a company’s ability to not only secure new business, but allows them to effectively maintain a base of business while maximizing their marketing spends. Buying behaviors have changed dramatically over the past decade; the information a buyer needs is just one click away. A sound, well-planned strategy of how to utilize an inside sales team can elevate and greatly impact a company’s efforts to grow their business, properly service their customers, and avoid attrition.

Specialization in inside sales will allow you to meet the buyer at their current postition within the buying process. Early stage researchers are engaged by inside sales people who help them gather and explain information. Buyers who are deeper into the process are working with inside sales people specializing in the product or the industry the buyer is involved with. This sales specialist can deliver demos while helping the buyer reach the agreement phase of a purchase. Dedicated account managers then begin the onboarding process with this new client and will deliver world-class service to the customer as they start their journey of growth within the company. Inside sales professionals who concentrate on bringing awareness to the market can help a company in their business development efforts in a very cost-effective manner. 

Yes, inside sales has grown up. It has become highly specialized and, if properly implemented, can deliver huge value to the buyer as it creates tremendous profitability and efficiency for the company using the model. Here at Data Age, we continiue to perfect this model and are constantly improving upon it in order to ensure our customers’ continued success.