Sales Spotlight: Customer Service for All!

header-SalesSpotlight.pngReading so many articles on customer experience lately, it is nice to see what we speak about, train to, and preach at Data Age is very much a best practice of great companies. Customer service is important from every angle. We take very seriously every opportunity we have to connect with our customers. As with any company, there is occasionally a glitch, confusion or miscommunication and we look at these situations as opportunities as well. They are opportunities to create a positive experience for our customers and also opportunities to get even better at what we do. Our door is always open to learning about these types of opportunities. 

Whether the issue is our fault or not, we adhere to the key points below to get to the bottom of any customer concern:

1-      It is about the customer no matter what

2-      This issue is an opportunity for you to help a client and allows you & your company to get better

3-      Listen and take notes

4-      Acknowledge they have a problem and you are there to help them

5-      Punctuality and accountability are critical

  1. Call them back fast
  2. Try to resolve their issue fast
  3. Tell them your name, have them write it down and take the point

6-      Avoid an e-mail discussion… pick up the phone

7-      Don’t pass the buck but when applicable don’t take the blame for an issue not related to your company

8-      Document and let supervisors know about the situation and how it was resolved