Sales Spotlight: Confident or Arrogant?


At Data Age, we always talk about being confident, learning, growing and mastering our trade. Confidence and expertise should allow a sales executive to gain customers’ trust a lot faster. When you earn the right to have a customer accept you as a trusted advisor, they will consult with you as they navigate through the buying cycle. Even though  there is a mountain of information out there, the level of trust a client has in a sales executive can make all the difference in the final direction they decide to go. Some will say there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. If used the correct way (for the betterment of the customer’s needs) confidence is very powerful for all involved. Confidence is misguided if you have not put the work into yourself, your product knowledge, your industry and most importantly listening and respecting your client’s needs. When a sales reps take shorts cuts his/her “confidence” can be viewed as arrogance.