Robert Tindal gets promoted to C.I.O.

In the last 25 years, Data Age Business Systems has grown from a small company formed by two young programmers who suddenly found themselves out of a job, into a world leader in pawn shop software. During that time, we have strived to improve the leadership within our organization as well as the pawn industry. As our industry continues its unprecedented growth, Data Age is always looking for ways to scale our business operations. As a software company, this scalability is critical in the information technology area of Data Age.

This is why Data Age is pleased to announce the promotion of Robert Tindal to Chief Information Officer. Robert has a very distinguished and highly diversified IT background, which is backed up with over 25 years of strategic IT experience. For the last 9 months Robert has overseen the Technical Support Department, Fulfillment and Training departments. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the quality of our support. This is primarily due to Roberts’s leadership in that department. He will now add complete oversight of all elements of IT to his responsibilities. Robert’s past experience in the credit card processing and investment banking industries, as well as the security and scalability associated with them,makes him the perfect person for this position.

Everyone here at Data Age is excited about having Robert as a company leader and is confident in his ability to help bring us to the next level.

Congratulations Robert!