Remember when you bought…



Never Regret
Buying the Best!
Think about the time you bought a really nice wallet. It lasted for years right? The same with jewelry. When you buy cheap jewelry that is what you get! Remind your customers that buying quality can actually save them money in the long run. Think about it. A nice belt can last 20 years. You would have to buy many cheap belts to last that same amount of time and would actually spend MORE money.
      In the long run, Quality will save Money & Time.

Quality saves you money!


Sell it as an Heirloom
Remind the customer that a nice piece of jewelry will last for generations. Shouldn’t they buy something that can be passed down again and again? Few things in life can be… Take this opportunity to buy the best.

Tell the guy this
 “So you saw it cheaper
 on-line? You
 can always find some
thing cheaply made”
“but how happy do you think she is going to be when all those little diamonds fall out and

her ring is in the shop 
MORE than on
her finger!

In the long
 run quality will save
 you money”

 You think you are saving by buying the cheapest because it costs less now, but long-term you actually end up spending more.